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IMG_2770I started practicing yoga while working as a reporter for a small town newspaper in 2005. Like many people, I was suffering from a bad lower back due to genetics and abusing my body from years of sports. 

In the morning, I would wake up and stretch for 20-minutes just so I could straighten my legs and go to work. So, at 23. I started experimenting with all kinds of yoga — willing to try anything to get some relief. Ultimately I found Bikram Yoga in March 2006 and went 10 times in 10 days. I knew I would never need back surgery. That kind of empowering feeling kept me coming back to class 3-4 days a week for the ensuing six years while I wrote for papers on both coasts and later started my own international education magazine called Cafe Abroad InPRINT. I went to Bikram Teacher Training in Fall 2010 in San Diego and, since training, I have taught and practiced at dozens of studios all over the country and around the world. In fall 2011, I completed my second bicycle tour – a 2,000-mile bike-riding and yoga-teaching adventure down America’s West Coast, which I documented for Adventure Cycling Magazine. Eight years into my practice I’m still learning “what this yoga is all about.” I am committed to sharing Bikram Yoga with others.

“Change your mind, change your body, change your life.”