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It’s frustrating to hear everyday this expression “real quick.” I hear it all the time, don’t you? But what value do most things have that are done “real quick?” How many folks are interested in a meaningful conversation “real quick” or how about an orgasm “real quick”?

Most things that have value take ‪#‎TIME‬ to build and/or maintain. A career. A relationship. A healthy body. And, yes, a ‪#‎practice‬.

Sometimes when I hear that “real quick” I think NO! Real sllllloooooowwwwwww!

So much of mindfulness feels like it is doing things with intention — focussing on process – and being mindful takes TIME. Time is one of our most valuable resources. In fact, I would argue it is our most valuable resource. Do you agree? What do you have to give that’s more valuable than your time?