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To create a thriving and lasting practice, here's the top 5 to make it happen:
Priority: You must prioritize your practice. There are always tasks to get done and other distractions. They will get in the way if you do not put your practice first.
Consistency: A regular practice requires consistency. You know consistency, not consistency like pancake batter. Consistency like every day. Same time. Same place.
Sustainability: Your practice must be improving your overall health and well being. Sure, some days you have less energy, strength or flexibility. But overall you are feeling healthy and getting healthier. You are like balsamic vinegar, wine and cheese. Delicious! (And getting better with age;)
Intensity Variation: Some days you practice very intensely. Some days require more rest. Some days the meditation is very concentrated. Other days it is not. Practice non reactivity as you practice intensity variation and mind will get the benefits regardless of the intensity or outcome.
5 ? What do you think ?
Photo by Dan Schwartzman taken in Shelburne Falls, Ma