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“New study finds yoga is good for you… also meditation!” How many articles have you seen like this? It seems like everyday another one is published.  After that headline, the whole article could read “duh!”

And yet, people don’t #practice.

There are millions of words published each year about fitness and health. We all know “eat less, move more” could save a lot of paper because that is essentially what so many of these articles recommend.  

With more and more mindfulness articles popping up each day, the scientific community (the church/mosque/synagogue of many intellectuals willing to give credence to “buddhist” ideas) is finally accepting what is so obvious through plain ol’ observation.  The problem is this intellectual information leads to no change. The more you know, the more you know … it’s a loop.

In order to create transformation, a change must take place.  That’s where practice comes in.  What do you practice in your daily life?