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I used to be a writer. Then I stopped writing. But I still wanted to be a writer. So I have been carrying this weight. I’m a writer but I’m not writing. I feel guilty and bad about myself. And I am out of #integrity with myself. So, I have a few options to restore my integrity.  First, I could start writing again. Now I’m back in integrity.  But most people would not choose this option. Because most people do not do what they say they are going to do. Most people are out of integrity. Second, I could change and no longer claim to be a writer. If this is authentic to myself, and I am true in my heart (there is no guilt or self judgement) then I am back in integrity with myself. For the others in my life who are holding me to account for my word, all I need to do is to say I am not a writer. I am a __________.  (The blank is whatever I’m doing). Then I am back in integrity in the world. There is no need for excuses or justifications as long as I am being true to myself and authentic in the world. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. These are the only two options as I see them. Can you see another way back to integrity that I am not seeing?