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“Patanjali's Raja Yoga (Royal Yoga) is the foundation of Hatha Yoga.

It leads to the higher spiritual components on the path of yoga. The first step is Yama, it is based on ethical and moral practices. These practices are important to develop pure and good human beings. I have noticed that many yoga teachers and practitioners talk a lot about this component of yoga but, they have a hard time applying it into their on life and behavior. Yama forms the very foundation of the spiritual discipline.

The five basic yamas are: non-harming (ahimsa), truthfulness (satya), non-stealing (asteya), chastity (bramacarya) and overcoming greed (aparigraha). They constitute the great commitment of the yogi and yogini and are to be practiced at all levels irrespective of time, place or circumstance. If, we commit our selves and practice these basic live giving principles we will begin to heal the world.”

*from Tony Sanchez July 24 FB posting